Cities in Transition

Circular Seattle


Cascadia NOW!

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Circular Portland


Cascadia NOW!

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Circular BC


Cascadia NOW!

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Circular New York


Circular City Week 2019:
The first and biggest circular economy festival in the US

Circular  City Week is dedicated to creating awareness about the global  front-runners, who have taken it upon themselves to create change. In  2020 we will therefore celebrate those companies, cities, and  organizations who have already made a commitment to increase  circularity.

Circular City Week New York will return in March 2020. Stay turned for updates and reach out if you would like to get involved.

The "Circular Economy" rolls into New York

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Circular France


The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) is an intergovernmental organization created to supervise international exhibitions (also known as expos or world expos) falling under the jurisdiction of the Convention Relating to International Exhibitions.

The French Prime Minister recently unveiled the country's Circular Economy roadmap:
Circular Cities 2030

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Circular London


London's Plan to be a Circular City:

UCL  Circular Cities Research HUB

The first of its kind internationally, it is an interdisciplinary,  virtual network of scholars working on all aspects of Circular Cities.  The hub draws on existing academic and practitioner expertise.  
It  is also an interface between academics and key urban stakeholders,  enabling research to impact directly on the governing, management,  design and development of cities.  

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Circular Italy


The Italian government has published a  strategic paper on the development of a circular economy in Italy, with a  supporting manifesto signed by leading businesses.

ENEL Position Paper:
Cities of Tomorrow: Circular Cities

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Circular Berlin


Cities are major centers of human population, economic capital, natural  resource usage, and waste generation. 

Here lies Berlin’s opportunity to  become a circular city – in which resources are locally circulated,  social bonds are strengthened and long-term prosperity is redefined.

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Circular Glasgow


Circular Glasgow is an initiative of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. It  is a movement to inspire businesses of all sizes to innovate and become  future-proof by adopting circular strategies. Connecting companies across the city, we help them to open up new  revenue streams, increase competitive advantage and realize financial  savings using a range of practical initiatives.

We aim to achieve this by inspiring businesses to assess and implement  the circular economy in order to position Glasgow as a leading circular  city.

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circular Portugal


We are an organization
 committed to the transition
 for a circular economy
 in Portugal.

We  aim to make CEP a dynamic hub for promoting the circular economy,  supporting and inspiring the business community, government bodies and  civil society in Portugal.  

We hope to make tangible contributions to the transition: 

  • from waste to recovery 
  • from fossil to renewable 
  • from programmed obsolescence to ecodesign 
  • from recycling to reuse 
  • from exclusion to sharing 
  • from global to local market 
  • from monoculture to (bio) diversity 
  • from theory to action! 

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Circular Oslo


Circular Oslo promotes multi-stakeholder collaboration to accelerate the circular  transition in the Oslo Region by sharing knowledge and expertise for  reduced material consumption, while supporting regional activities  having positive social, economic and environmental impact. 

To achieve  this, Circular Oslo:

  • encourages  and inspires by identifying and highlighting municipalities,  organizations, projects and initiatives that implement circular  solutions and innovative business models
  • develops  and provides access to tools, workshops, and educational resources for  public entities, communities, NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, and  students to better understand and implement circular solutions
  • collaborates with similar initiatives whose values and mission align
  • strengthens links with other regions, both nationally and internationally.

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Circular SWEDEN


Smart City Sweden is the national export and investment platform for smart and sustainable city solutions.

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Circular Europe NETWORK


EU product policies contributing to  Circular Economy

The  analysis served to, assess  what extent EU policy tools addressing  products are supporting  circular,  sustainable products. There are many policy tools covering  all the different  products on the EU market, and these tools together  provide a great  contribution to sustainability. 

They protect the  environment and human health,  make products more energy and resource  efficient and empower consumers to  choose better products. The analysis  found there is potential for further  strengthening the policies,  especially as concerns the circular design of  products such as textiles  and furniture.  Also, more could be done to support consumers and  circular sectors such as  reuse and repair..

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Circular Middle East


Water scarcity, low oil prices, environmental challenges… The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) is facing various challenges today and is shifting towards a circular economy. 

It’s time to act! 

The circular economy is not only a key solution to these challenges, it is also an economic driver that generates jobs for the young population. 

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Circular Americas


The  Circular Economy Platform of the Americas opens new avenues for  profitable business, embraces the innovative and positive human intent,  and allows for creative thinking and development of eco-friendly  products and services to satisfy needs of the people of the Americas.

The  Platform will increasingly include individuals, businesses,  governments, academia and organizations willing and able to engage in  promoting, facilitating and help realizing Circular Economy adoption and  implementation in the Americas.

The  challenge ahead is to engage more and more people to become change  agents and help translate and materialize this Circular Economy paradigm  into practical action and results.

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Circular Asia


Starting from November 2019 ~ December 2020, Circular Economy Asia will  be hosting a series of monthly events, beginning in Singapore and  Malaysia, later expanding around the region. 

Each event will feature an  opening presentation, expert speaker, various entrepreneurs and change  makers from around the world and even the occasional movie or  documentary to inspire your inner film maker. Stay tuned for updates.

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Circular Africa


The vision  of the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) is to build a restorative  African economy that generates well-being and prosperity inclusive of  all its people through new forms of economic production and consumption  which maintain and regenerate its environmental resources.

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Circular Australia


Nurturing the transition from Linear to Circular in Australia

This is a movement not a moment. 

2020 will mark a decade of our Circular Economy network.
It’s time to redesign, regenerate and relaunch.

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Circular India


It is estimated that a circular economy path adopted by India could bring in annual benefits of 40 lakh crores or approximately US$ 624 billion in 2050. The greenhouse emission would reduce by 44% along with significant reduction in congestion and pollution. Thus contributing to health and economic benefits to the society.

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Circular World


Our world is only 9% circular and the trend is negative. The circularity  gap is not closing. In 12 months since the launch of the first  Circularity Gap Report, the upward trend in resource extraction and  greenhouse gas emissions has continued and key indicators confirm that  the problems of a linear economy are 'baked in' to the global economy  and we are heading in the wrong direction.

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